What can I 'ELP you with?



1) Proofreading and sub-editing in EN, esp. scientific texts for journal publication (service for both native and non-native speakers).
2) Text translation DE to EN (EN to DE with partners).
3) Text localisation, focussing on content and culture (with local partners).
4) Text optimisation and creation, e.g. marketing collateral, PR, public speaking.



1) Narratives and voice-overs, e.g. for documentaries, product tutorials, image films.
2) Market researcher/interviewer, esp. for high-level semi-structured Key Account projects.


1) Communication and intercultural skills (service for both native and non-native speakers), e.g. for international negotiations and presentations.
2) Coaching for public speaking (inc. breathing and relaxation techniques, voice and delivery optimisation).
3) Teacher training (esp. workshop moderation with publishers and other sponsors).
4) English language teaching: all levels from beginner to advanced; academic, business, and technical contexts; all language and cultural backgrounds; preparation for international examinations.
5) English language testing (aligned to international standards): from individual, and individualised testing through to standard and standardised instruments; from placement (language courses and classes, job matching), through progress (formative for learners, quality control for sponsor), to attainment (international certificates); auditing/benchmarking of large cohorts (e.g. companies and organisations, universities).